Resources for Facilitators

Tools for Scenario Planning Workshops

Shaping Our Future CDFFOF has gathered all the useful tools and resources you need to devise and conduct your own Shaping Our Future workshop for adults - young or old - with whom you work. The SOF Facilitator's Resource Kit is now available for free download from this site. It includes

  • the SOF Facilitator's Guidebook;
  • the SOF introductory video;
  • high resolution, large format (wall sized) files of the SOF Graphic Templates to use during workshops;
  • PowerPoint versions of the templates which you can use as worksheets or to capture and share the ideas of each group as they work through the process.

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Education for a Sustainable Future: A Paradigm of Hope for the 21st Century (Innovations in Science Education and Technology), edited by FFOF President Keith A. Wheeler and Anne Perraca Bijur
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